corazón mío

"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes."
-Psalm 18:24



Random musings

—Why do I feel like I have to fight so hard to rest?
—How do I balance the need for momentary recreation/pleasure with the significance of eternity?

Lord, please have mercy on my family.

Hard to believe that I created this silly little account four years ago (and that I’m still using it)….

Hard to believe that I created this silly little account four years ago (and that I’m still using it)….

Lord, have mercy on me

The power just went out. My first reaction was to ask God if that was His way of telling me that I didn’t need to be working from home in the middle of the night. My second reaction was to fear that I’d freeze without the heater working. My third reaction was to feel guilty for living such a comfortable life.

I should be packing. Instead, I’m obsessively washing shelves and drawers from the fridge.

God help me.

Last night I dreamed that I needed to take a stand and to advocate for immigration reform. I woke up with a sense of urgency.

Lord, please help me to be a good steward of the blessings of freedom and privilege that You have given me. May I not let these be wasted on furthering my purposes. May my whole life reflect Your heart and may I fight for causes that I are so much bigger than myself.

my new nightly ritual

I finally look forward to going to bed because I have learned how to enjoy the process of unwinding and relaxing:

jazz, “well rested” tea, a cookie or two, and a library book (currently What Money Can’t Buy by Michael J Sandel).


There is so much I could say, but I’m really excited to see what God is going to do this year.  In His grace and mercy, the sweet Lord called me to come away with Him and start the year with a retreat. We got down to business, and He gave me the strength to give up the idols I had been consistently choosing before Him. He’s renewed my strength and restored my hope, joy, and even creativity. I’ve started my days in prayer, and He’s opened the eyes of my heart. Even at work, I’m no longer seeing people as interruptions but instead as God-given opportunities. My entire attitude has changed.

I am dreaming again. Crazy dreams that are so much bigger than me: projects, organizations, and revival.   

I am caring about politics for the first time. Trying to learn what it means for me to truly be a voice for those who do have one.

I hope that the bits and pieces of my redemption story that I share may be of encouragement to you.

I am just now feeling like the right side of my brain is finally starting to come alive again.

I am just now feeling like the right side of my brain is finally starting to come alive again.

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December 23rd

seeing: the warm glow of Christmas lights in my bedroom (surrounded by a mess of unfinished Christmas cards, work papers, and to do lists) 

tasting: just got back from my house church’s Christmas party, where we feasted on flautas, arroz, frijoles charros, and gelatina

hearing: Nothing I Hold On To/Climb (United Pursuit Band)

smelling: leftover Christmas cookies

touching: my hands are cold and skin is dry

Reflections on Reconcilliation

I just came back from a conference about Christian community development. This year’s theme was “Reconcilliation.” I left with a heavy heart. Our world is so broken.

Although I’ve been exposed to many different cultures in my life, I realized that I’ve allowed my upbringing to shape my view on church. What does a multicultural church really look like? How do we really allow others to come as they are instead of asking them to fit our mold?

What does justice look like? For the immigrant? In education? In health care? In politics? What is my role in all of this?

How do I reconcile my calling with my skin color? Am I always going to be viewed as an arrogant white/American person who is trying to save “the under-privileged?” How can I serve while truly showing the love of Christ and protecting the dignity of those served?

We live in the tension of the now and not yet. But I want to see the Kingdom of God here on earth.

If there is a report card for my life,

I seem to be failing in all subjects (this semester). 

Thinking about forever.

Why do I still feel like a child? 

my heart is so full of gratitude

-signing my lease to live another year in Little Mexico
-my boss forming a partnership/friendship with my pastor
-an invitation from one of my favorite 12 year old girls to attend the quinceñera she is in
-running into a former coworker at the store and following up with lunch
-cooking lessons from a wonderful woman when I thought it would never happen
-encouraging, challenging words from a good friend and neighbor 
-a beautiful scholarship ceremony honoring 300 area Latino students
-an opportunity to repair a broken friendship 

…what might next week bring?